Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Schedules, schedules...mea culpa included

How is it possible I am posting 2 days in a row? Because Baby M. is on a schedule. A really good schedule, which is predictable, simple, and generally making life with him amazingly easy so far.

His parents decided to have a scheduling pro from a local business (Moms on Call) come in when M. was 1 month old and help them get M. to sleep better, especially at night. I admit, when I found this out I was...a bit judgy, since I had not heard much about this business except for non-believers indicating they tended to the rigid side of things.

So, I am officially retracting those judgy thoughts, because this system works REALLY well for Baby M. and for his parents, and, now, for me. He's a happy happy guy, he's well rested, and he is thriving, as far as I can see.

Would I recommend Moms on Call to people? Well, I would definitely suggest they look into it further and keep an open mind. I am sure there are some babies this method wouldn't work for, and some parents who wouldn't choose to use the routines prescribed by Moms on Call. But for now, I am a fan.

Monday, January 17, 2011

An unsurprisingly leaky day...

I have finally started back to work FT, and today is my first full day with my new charge, 3-month-old M, and adorable baby boy. I was supposed to start FT last Monday, but the local snowpocalypse kept me at home for 6 days straight, since driving in the snow isn't a skill I have, and no one anywhere down here can drive on ice.

In any case, after 17+ years of caring for babies and toddlers you would think the leakage issue wouldn't still take me by surprise, but here I sit, spit-up and other, more excretory, fluids decorating my shirt. Did I bring a change of clothes? Nope, because during my "trial" week, baby M. didn't do more than drool a bit.

Sigh. I guess I'm just trying to keep things fresh, or at least as fresh as they get when one's shirt is spotted with baby leakage.