Thursday, June 23, 2011

8 months and growing...too fast!

Seems like a good time for another update on M., since he's seems to be marathon napping at the moment! He's exhausted from Music Class, which is one of his new things - he seems to like it a lot, although he does get shorted on his AM nap that day.

He is almost completely on table foods, and this boy loves to eat. Of course, since he went from "scooting" around to full-on crawling to pulling up to standing to cruising in about 2 weeks, he also burns a lot off. As Neighbor Nanny said, "He went 0 - 60 when it comes to moving."

He's been battling an annoying diaper rash, but nothing seems to phase this little guy - he's a cheerful flirt, an amazing cuddler, and absolutely skilled at finding whatever he shouldn't be playing with as soon as you turn your back on him.

We've been working on signing for months now, since way before he could really get it, and he's been signing "Milk" for a few weeks. Hopefully "more", "all done", and some others aren't far behind. More on signing in another post later!

I'm personally hoping for some slightly milder weather here soon - the last month of spring was more like August, so we didn't get lots of outside time!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dazzlingly Rotten Evenflo Car Seat Video

I found this via The Car Seat Lady and am trying really hard to appreciate that Evenflo is working to be hip and funny.

Still trying...

Nope, didn't work. I don't think car seats are a good source of slapstick, especially when a company puts a video out on the web that shows stupid installation (the seat shown goes to 40 lbs rearfacing, and if that baby is 41 lbs and ready to face forward, I am the next MLB commisioner) and leaves the average person assuming that expert installation of a car seat is silly and that the new extended RF guidelines issued by the AAP aren't neccessary and potentially lifesaving.

I'm a carseat safety maniac. I admit it. Maybe it's because I see keeping my charges (and random kids in general) safe as a big part of my role as a nanny. Maybe it's because I can't imagine the guilt a parent would feel if their child died in an automobile accident and their death could have been avoided with proper carseat use. Maybe I just like telling people what to do. Your guess is as good as mine.

The fact remains that I take car seat safety seriously - in fact, I am kind of humorless about it. So, Evenflo, I am not laughing, and I'm going to spread the word about your inane and dangerous corporate sense of humor as far as I can in my little corner of the internet.

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Zoo Trip!

Today, despite the prediction of highs in the mid-90’s, we headed to the City Zoo. It took less than 30 minutes to drive there, and M. napped on the way. We were so early that we had to wait a little while before we could pay to get in, but that just gave Neighbor Nanny, her Husband, and the Twins time to get to the zoo and join us in line.

As soon as we paid, we walked over to see the flamingos. M. was busy chewing on a cool teether, but he did seem a little impressed at their ability to stand on one leg. Then we walked up the hill and saw elephants, zebras, giraffes, hippos, and some really fascinating warthogs. Then we looked for the lions, but they were hiding from everyone.

We backtracked a bit and went into the parakeet habitat, and M. loved getting to see birdies up close, especially such colorful and friendly birds. Then, after a water break, we headed over to the gorilla compound, and made a quick stop in to see lemurs. The gorillas were pretty nifty, especially since some of the “toddler-size” gorillas came up nice and close to the viewing area!

After we left the (nice and cool) indoor gorilla viewing area, M. met a little girl named Emma, who was about 6, and thought M. was “really CUTE!” Then we took another water break, and saw the naked mole rats, who were exactly as appealing as they sound.  Even with all the shade, it was getting a little warm and M. was hungry, so we headed into the cool and comfy, yet creepy, reptile house. The Twins looked around while M. had a bottle and people watched. He also got a chance to get out of the stroller and stretch his legs a bit before we all headed down to see the pandas.

We saw some more apes and monkeys, as well as a few bears, tigers, and red pandas on our way to see the pandas from China, who were so cool! The indoor viewing area is floor to ceiling glass, so M. sat in the stroller about 2 feet from the glass and one of the pandas ambled up and lay down for a rest right in front of him! M. was bouncing up and down in the stroller and squealing with excitement.

We headed down for lunch after leaving the pandas behind, and M. had fun eating puffs and sweet potatoes and trying his best to charm Neighbor Nanny's Husband's socks off. Once everyone was done eating lunch there was a diaper explosion, and M. got to ride around in just a fresh diaper, which was simultaneously redneck and adorable. He was getting restless, so we said bye to the Twins (and Neighbor Nanny and her Husband) and headed to the car.