Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dazzlingly Rotten Evenflo Car Seat Video

I found this via The Car Seat Lady and am trying really hard to appreciate that Evenflo is working to be hip and funny.

Still trying...

Nope, didn't work. I don't think car seats are a good source of slapstick, especially when a company puts a video out on the web that shows stupid installation (the seat shown goes to 40 lbs rearfacing, and if that baby is 41 lbs and ready to face forward, I am the next MLB commisioner) and leaves the average person assuming that expert installation of a car seat is silly and that the new extended RF guidelines issued by the AAP aren't neccessary and potentially lifesaving.

I'm a carseat safety maniac. I admit it. Maybe it's because I see keeping my charges (and random kids in general) safe as a big part of my role as a nanny. Maybe it's because I can't imagine the guilt a parent would feel if their child died in an automobile accident and their death could have been avoided with proper carseat use. Maybe I just like telling people what to do. Your guess is as good as mine.

The fact remains that I take car seat safety seriously - in fact, I am kind of humorless about it. So, Evenflo, I am not laughing, and I'm going to spread the word about your inane and dangerous corporate sense of humor as far as I can in my little corner of the internet.


Funny Facebook statuses said...

I read this story interesting post those were funny. and made me smile.

Cat said...

Oh, I thought the video was hilarious. The folks I nanny for totally loose it when they have to move the carseat, so they have a second one for me to use. I can't imagine installation is really that hard, but it does seem like it to many people.