Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things it would be good to know BEFORE the interview

Suddenly the market has picked up a bit, and I have interviews this weekend! I do my best to screen potential employers (and I google-stalk them when possible) but somehow I didn't get a lot of what I think is pertinent information from the family I met with today.

So, without delay, here are 3 important things employers need to remember to mention to nanny candidates.
  1. Our house is being heavily renovated. You can't see the house number, but we are the joint with the huge construction dumpster in the front driveway.
  2. You know we said we had 2 kids under 2? Well, we forgot to mention their 13-year-old half-sibling who lives with us 75% of the time. But you won't have to do anything for him. No, really!
  3. We really want a nanny who speaks spanish. Did we mention that?

And, just for any employers who say they once worked as a nanny, here's a tip. Tell us all the details over the phone when we ask. Don't wait until we are face to face to tell us how you were a nanny at the age of 12. Because any career nanny will find it hard to not snigger at you when you say that, and we can cover the sniggering with a cough much better over the phone than in person.

So I go forth tomorrow to 2 other interviews. Wonder what new craziness they will bring into my life?


Best Nanny Newsletter said...

Oh Lordy,

Don't they know teens are harder to care for then babies?! Seriously, they are harder: talking back, homework, breaking rules, all the dangers of Internet, drugs, girlfriends and sex....

Michelle said...

Can I add, "no, I didn't know you were pregnant with your third child. Did you see my cute little PT Cruiser? Yeah, I can't actually get 3 carseats in there when you need me to pick up the other two children from preschool every day."