Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Official Playgroup!

Baby M. and I hosted our first official playgroup this morning, and we had a blast. M. ran out of steam after about an hour, but some snuggles and rocking let him get his second wind. Two other nannies came with their 4 charges, all of whom are around 12 months old, so M. was excited to be watching them move around - he is mastering the art of sitting up "Tripod Style", as well as the art of "The Graceful Tip-Over-and-Lie-down" at 4 months old, so getting to see "big kids" in action seems to have been inspiring for him.

Tomorrow we'll visit Neighbor Nanny and the Twins while the house cleaners are here - we're social butterflies, right? Eventually, I want to take him to a baby storytime - M. already loves books, so that seems like a good fit.

M. is also starting solids, leading with oatmeal cereal. One of the things I like best about this position is how absolutely enamored M.'s parents are with him. They are going to give him his meal for now, and I will join the fun once we graduate to 2 and 3 meals a day.

M also loves being outside these days, with early spring weather paying a visit. For whatever reason, time outside exhausts him, so he always sleeps well after taking in the great outdoors.

And yes, he is still swaddled. I occasionally have to remind myself that he will eventually tire of being mummified for sleeping.

He will get tired of it, right?

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