Monday, May 18, 2009

Facebook is making me feel old...

Why? Because I found 4 former charges on facebook last week. When I last cared for them, they were 6 and 5, and 10 and 8. Obviously far too young to have a FB account, right?

So the fact that they are now 17, 16, 15, and 13 is a bit of a rude wake-up call. I mean, I know the years are passing by, and all that jazz, but I do enjoy being able to revel in my belief that I am really just 28 or so, and all the kids I ever have cared for are kind of frozen in time at the age I last knew them.

The good news is, I am still apparently enough of a cool person to have been friended by all of these teenagers who I knew as elementary schoolers.

So maybe all is not lost after all. I can still be a decade (Ok, fine 12 years!) younger than I really am in my imagination, and I get to enjoy getting reaquainted with some fairly fabulous teenagers.

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