Monday, May 18, 2009

"The Honeymoon", we are in it...

Whenever you start a new job with older kids, i.e., NOT infants, there is always a bit of an adjustment time that I like to call the honeymoon. During the honeymoon, the kids, parents, and nanny are all on their best behavior. It makes for some easy days and it's quite tempting to think that the new job will be a breeze.

But eventually, the honeymoon comes to an end. Generally speaking the nanny and the parents are better able to hide any grumpy feeling that pop up when they realize that the new situation is not, in truth, practically perfect in every way. But the kids? That's a different story.

I have a slight advantage in my new job. I know the kids fairly well, and have seen both Destructo Boy (1.5 years old) and Prickly Rose (4.5 years old) at their not-so-best. So I know there will be stormy days ahead, when they let their defenses down and start testing to see what might make me angry. Doesn't mean it will be an easy road, but I do have some sort of map.

If you are starting out new with older kids and find yourself without a map, just remember that all kids save their worst behavior for those they love the most. So one day, when all heck breaks loose, step back, take a deep breath, and think, "Well, at least I know they're finally comfortable with me and feel secure with me if they are acting THIS horrible!"

Then toss around some significant discipline, and take an Advil or two. And smile, because the job is just starting to get exciting.


Just g said...

So true!

Nanny Fail said...

I had a mentor once tell me that every new job or move into a new community brought four stages before it finally felt comfortable: honeymoon, humor, hostility, home. It is SO worth it to push through that third stage to find a place that is home!